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Baby, It's Cold Outside!


Baby, It's Cold Outside!

As the weather gets blustery, we think of lovely photography sessions--indoors. Pirate Bunny backdrops make it easy! You hang the backdrop, position your clients, and boom! Gorgeous photos while the wind howls and the rain and snow falls.

Pirate Bunny backdrops bring magic and fun to your sessions. So bundle up, order some gorgeous Pirate Bunny backdrops today, and spend your wintertime snapping photos for happy clients.

Smiling girl in a red dress eats a candy cane in front of a candy cane photography backdrop.
Young boy poses for a Christmas Mini Session in front of a white wood photography backdrop and Christmas decorations
Little girl in a red dress sits in front of a white wood photography backdrop for a Christmas mini session
Young girl poses for a Holiday mini session with snowy decorations and a green seamless backdrop